We all enjoy a great, home-cooked meal, right? It’s better for you and usually tastes far better than anything that a fast food chain could provide. Unfortunately, most of us have incredibly busy schedules that don’t grant us the luxury of enough time to go to the grocery store, find the necessary ingredients, then look up a recipe and prepare the meal. But a new company is looking to change that; and so far, they are a booming success.


Blue Apron, founded in 2012, is a new method of getting a delicious and healthy home cooked meal. In essence, subscribers pay for the type of service they prefer, either a two person plan or a family plan, and Blue Apron will send the supplies for your meals. The plans typically send food for the week, but you can skip weeks or days and tailor your subscription to your liking. A two person plan runs for $59.94 while a family plan costs $71.92; compare that to the average cost of a grocery store run for a two person family ($90) and a four person family ($131).


The company also offers tips on how to properly chop or prepare each ingredient and a recipe with video tutorials. The entire process takes place online, and is incredibly convenient. With Blue Apron’s suggested meals, and your food preferences, not only will you get new and exciting meals to prepare, you will also no longer have to worry about what you will eat for the week.


Blue Apron pushes a heavy focus on healthy eating and cutting out food waste. The company prides itself on cutting out the middleman and delivering fresh farm produce and ingredients straight to its consumers, including non-GMO ingredients, all-natural meat and sustainable seafood.


To many, the company sounds like Netflix for food, and in many ways, it is. It should come as no surprise then that the company, also much like Netflix, has taken off. Since its 2012 debut, Blue Apron has shipped 159 million meals and has a reported revenue of $795 million. And now the company plans on going public. According to a report from Business Insider, the company is expecting to earn $15 to $17 per share in its initial public offering (IPO), which would place the company at a $3 billion valuation.


That same article also discusses why the service has been so successful. Blue Apron offers farm-fresh ingredients at cost-effective pricing. Others who have used the service have lauded it for its ability to simplify the cooking process. A review of the service from MoneySavingMom.com stated that one of Blue Apron’s best features was its ability to cut down on trips to the grocery store and time planning out meals. For those of us who would love a home cooked meal but don’t have the time to acquire the necessary ingredients or look up recipes, Blue Apron is a fantastic alternative. And those who constantly eat out at fast food or expensive restaurant can save money and eat healthier with Blue Apron.


Blue Apron’s flexibility, ease-of-use, wide variety and cost-effective pricing makes it an incredibly enticing service. And with a world that is slowly moving towards on-demand services, it is very possible for Blue Apron to completely disrupt the way that humans obtain and prepare their meals.