If you’re an employer, then you’ve probably had to go through the process of hiring at some point. It can be a very arduous process; there are countless hours of sifting through resumes, conducting interviews and follow-up interviews, and discussing the pros and cons of each candidate with other executive/hiring members. It can take quite some time, usually because employers are always asking, “what are we looking for in an employee?”

Sometimes, the better question to ask yourself is, “what are employees looking for in an employer?” Employers are looking for great talent, but great talent isn’t going to simply lend their skills to an undesirable employer. So, what does great talent look for in an employer? Let’s find out.

Great Leadership

Great leadership is just a better way of saying that talent wants a good boss; it’s that simple. But obviously everyone wants the best boss ever. But where most employees would settle for an average boss, great talent usually won’t tolerate anything less than a great leader. Interestingly enough, one of the best ways to measure how good a leader is is through their level of care and compassion. Chick-Fil-A understands this and does a good job of taking its leadership seriously and caring for each employee. Take time to invest in your employees and learn about their interests and desires.

The Ability to Grow

Great talent is, obviously, very talented. But any professional can grow, young or old. That’s where you come in. Great talent wants to be challenged. They want to grow their skill set to become even more talented and desirable for higher positions. If you’re an employer, you must always look for new and interesting ways to challenge your employees in a way that will align with their individual goals. It’s definitely easier said than done, but if you can find that balance of challenging and engaging, you’ll be able to lure in talent and retain it as well.

Do Something That Matters

Younger generations are looking for employment at companies that make a difference. They want to know that they are directly having some sort of positive impact on the world. This isn’t to say that great talent is looking for jobs that solely focus on philanthropy or look for a cure for cancer, but there’s certainly a desire to focus on social issues. Try to ensure that your business either directly impacts the world’s social issues or finds time and funds to donate to a variety of social causes. Top talent just wants to know that they’re doing good in the world. Make that happen.

The Opes Group loves to support businesses that hire top talent and treat their employees right. These tips are phenomenal ways to guide your employees’ professional development, cut down on turnover and create an attractive work environment to attract more great talent.