What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? The question doesn’t necessarily have any single “right” answer, but it does have one wrong answer. Being an entrepreneur is not about the money. If that’s what you believe, then you’re in the wrong profession. Chances are, you won’t be making very much within the first couple of years as an entrepreneur, so if you’re posing as an entrepreneur in order to get millions of dollars immediately, then you’re in for a rude awakening. 

Being an entrepreneur, in my opinion, is about selflessness. It’s about dedicating yourself to your position and your company as much as possible. In essence, you and the company are one and the same. And it is in these truths that you will find success in your entrepreneurial career. By utilizing this mentality, you can help your company, and its employees, grow and propel it into the stratosphere.

Develop Your Culture

Businesses are like an organism. They will (hopefully) continue to grow and develop and change. And so should your culture. Your company culture as a startup will be vastly different from the culture when you’re a Fortune 500 company. This is normal. People will come and go, policies will be implemented and then revised or dissolved, but your mission will stay the same. But don’t be afraid to change the culture as the company changes.

Hiring Employees

A normal part of the process of growing a business is hiring employees. Behind any great company is an even greater workforce. But how can you truly find the greatest talent available within the hiring process? It’s almost impossible. People can hide their true selves in order to land the job. Once their foot is in the door, their actions can speak much more than their prepared responses from their interview. Consider 90-day probationary periods. It should give you enough time to discover your new employee’s work ethic and habits.

Set the Example

In this world, there are leaders and there are followers. Some people have the ability to take a group of talented individuals and utilize their skills to achieve one common goal. Others need to be directed. There’s nothing wrong with either, but if you’re going to be a leader, you need to lead. And the best way to lead is by setting the example for your employees. Many employees will base their work ethic around that of their supervisors. If you are burning the midnight oil every day (that isn’t to say that this is the best method of working), then you’re employees will see that, and they will strive to put forth their best work. Interact with your employees, engage with them and introduce new concepts, and work with them. Be a part of the team.

Money is important, and that’s a fact. But it shouldn’t be the end goal of every decision you make. At the end of the day, entrepreneurs want to create companies that have solid and clear missions, and they should foster change, diversity and success.