We live in a digital age where information is king. Data is the sweet currency that keeps several companies afloat. The more information about consumers that businesses have, the better they can use that information to sell their products. You wouldn’t think it, but in the digital age, information is priceless.

Larger companies can come across this information a bit easier than small business. Unfortunately, most consumers tend to trust larger brands with their information because they are so established. But for smaller businesses, it can be a challenge to acquire that same level of trust. 

So how can you get that all-important first-party data? Here are some tips and tricks.

Gain Trust

Sounds easy, right? Wrong. It’s very difficult to do these days, especially considering the level of big-name data breaches in the last couple of years. So how can you gain trust? Don’t be assertive. If you are too forceful with your requests, consumers will be turned off and run away. And once the trust is broken, you’ll never be able to get it back. 

Establish trust by asking for information when appropriate. Don’t force it, and only ask for information that customers are comfortable with answering. Sometimes, that takes time. You have to be willing to play the waiting game.

Offer Value

Something you should consider when mining for first-party data is the value you can give consumers in exchange. If you want emails, birthdates, and other purchasing habits, then offer something in return. For example, many major retailers offer rewards or loyalty programs that require first-party data. But that data comes with the incentive of discounts and other benefits. If you can offer this same value to your consumers, do it. It will pay off in dividends in the future.

Be Transparent

Consumers hate shady companies. If you want to gain your consumers’ trust and data, then you’ll need to be upfront with them. Give them the option of providing information, and let them know exactly what you’re doing with it. If you can communicate your intentions clearly, then you’ll set yourself up for success.

Information is powerful; it always has been, but because of the Internet  and the digitization of our society, it’s evident now more than ever. The Opes Group prides itself on assisting businesses, and if you can gain access to your consumers’ data (in a fair and legal way), you can experience tremendous success.