While scouring the Internet, occasionally I come across an article so great that I feel the need to share it. While looking through Medium, I discovered this article from Hackernoon that proposes an argument against the “4-Hour Work Week” philosophy.

Here is an excerpt:

“Often times when I attend a conference or a networking event I am surprised how many people operate at the periphery of the tech industry. Social media gurus, SEO ‘ninjas’, bloggers, etc. It’s a coterie of tech ‘club promoters.’ The hype men of the industry.

‘Hack your way to success.’ ‘Meet the right people.’ ‘Become a business superstar.’ They’ve found their silver bullet. They boast of building a passive income from a web business, all while traveling the world as the rest of us mortals are slaving away at our 9–5 jobs.”

To read the full article, click here.