If you still need assistance in filing your taxes for the year, look no further than Adelman Katz & Mond’s Tax Planning Guide. Here are the guide’s contents:

Year-to-date review [Page 2] – An overview of how to minimize 2017 taxes emphasizing the importance of timing. Case study: Avoiding underpayment penalties.

Executive Compensation [Page 6] – Strategies for crafting a tax-efficient total compensation package. Case study: Watch out for falling stock prices after exercising ISOs.

Investing [Page 8] – A summary of tax considerations when buying and selling investments. Case studies: Mutual fund capital gains distributions: a taxable event; Tax-exempt or taxable bonds? It’s a question of yield.

Real Estate [Page 12] – Some advice on using real estate to reduce your tax bill. Case study: Converting a personal residence into a rental property may save taxes

Business ownership [Page 14] – A discussion of retirement savings options, exit planning, sale and acquisition.

Charitable giving [Page 16] – A survey of a wide range of strategies, from cash and stock donations to various trust structures.

Family and education [Page 18] – An overview of how families can save significantly on their tax bills through IRAs for teenagers, education savings plans and strategic gifting. Case study: It’s never too early to save for retirement.

Retirement [Page 20] – A summary of tax issues associated with contributions to and withdrawals from various types of retirement accounts. Case study: Making the most of catch-up contributions.

Estate planning [Page 22] – A summary of the many moving parts that go into tax savvy estate planning. Case study: Why annual exclusion gifts can be a powerful tax-saver.

Tax rates [Page 24] – 2017 individual and corporate income tax rate schedules.


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