Every year, Forbes scours the globe to find some of the country’s most inspiring, dedicated individuals from a variety of industries. And what do these individuals have in common? They’ve all found success, in one form or another, before the age of 30. This is an impressive feat, given that most of us don’t truly find “success” until later in life (and there’s nothing wrong with that). I wanted to take a moment and highlight a few of these individuals on my website; since the list is quite exhaustive, I will simply highlight just a few here.

Shadrack Frempong

Shadrack was clearly destined to do great things from an early age, having secured himself a full scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania.  Shadrack could have stopped there and revelled in the fact that he was the first person from his village in Ghana to attend school in the United States, but he didn’t. He was eager to do more and so he did by earning $150,000 through the President’s Engagement Prize and founding Cocoa360. Using the farm-for-impact method, the organization funds educational and healthcare services using the revenue from local cocoa farms. Cocoa360 has dramatically impacted Ghana by providing care for more than 3,000 citizens.

Jordan Zarrilli

Ms. Zarrilli has some incredibly impressive credentials under her belt at only 29 years old. Before her current position as a vice president at Goldman Sachs, Jordan served as an equities derivatives trader at UBS for four years. She serves in a similar role at Goldman Sachs, where she manages the derivatives desk for a variety of companies.

Priya Saiprasad

Ms. Saiprasad has significant stake in Microsoft’s independent investment fund, M12 as a founding member. She’s already overseen five deals, one of which includes a large up-round with Element AI. Priya’s main focus is on machine learning and AI startups, specifically in the Series A and B round of funding. She also helped spearhead M12’s gender equality work by creating the female founders competition which helps provide funding to female entrepreneurs.

At the Opes Group, we love seeing younger generations take the lead and find ways to excel in their personal careers while also helping create a positive future for their fellow community members. For the full list of Forbes 30 Under 30, click the link!