Alexi Harding

Private Equity

The term ‘private equity’ typically evokes thoughts of large media-worthy transactions, prominent advisors, elaborate closing dinners and highly profitable returns. The glossy high-profile transactions represent only the tip of the private equity iceberg. The vast majority of transactions are comprised of smaller and middle market companies that become connected with equity partners whose time horizons and management goals are in direct conflict with the needs of the business. Are these lesser-known transactions profitable? Certainly. However, those that benefit the most from these transactions tend to be the private equity investors, not the business owners.

Alexi Harding

Alexi Harding saw first-hand the often adverse impacts that these transactions can and do have on businesses and their owners, and became determined to make a break from the status quo. Alexi believes that companies are best served when their interests are aligned with the investors with whom they are paired. He aims not only to remedy the misalignment between the financed and the financier, but also to offer a different model for helping companies.

Alexi Harding and his partners launched The Opes Group (“OPES”) to offer an innovative platform of concierge services to companies across a range of industries. OPES partners with its member companies to develop (or improve upon) operating relationships that allow companies to achieve long-term sustainable solutions. With the business strategy in place, OPES then provides access to the appropriate capital and talent needed to execute the plan. This approach is encapsulated in OPES’ three pillars: advisory services, capital solutions and knowledge networks.

Advisory services refers to the manner in which The Opes Groups provides invaluable insight into business planning, operational restructuring, and sales and marketing strategies. In order to place a client’s business in the best possible position to succeed, Alexi Harding and The Opes Group stand by readily available, able and willing to offer their wealth of experience.

Capital solutions pertains to how The Opes Group creatively arranges and secures debt and equity financing from traditional lenders to private sources, such as middle market funds and/or EB-5 channels for example. In this facet of The Opes Group’s unique approach, entrepreneurs are aligned with capital investors of a like-mind, thus ensuring both business owners and traditional lenders share the same vision for the future of the project in question.

The aforementioned knowledge network is composed of, in addition to Alexi’s own decades of experience, subject matter experts and highly-placed C-suite executives. By drawing upon such unparalleled insight, prospective entrepreneurs are able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the fiscal market and how it works, how it was and how it will be. By taking advantage of this, hopeful business owners are afforded a remarkable opportunity to find longstanding success and prestige.

In addition to its commercial value, The Opes Group also places heavy emphasis on philanthropic endeavors and giving back to the community. By reaching out to smaller organizations that are clearly making a tangible, measurable, and significant effect in individuals’ everyday lives, The Opes Group is able to help those who need help most. In this light, Alexi Harding and The Opes Group have supported various charities both at home and abroad. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, City Harvest, Habitat for Humanity, and Echoing Green are but a few of the many philanthropic organizations that they have reached out to and provided aid for over the years.

The Opes Group

OPES differentiates itself by not simply throwing money at opportunities but by sitting down with entrepreneurs, identifying their needs, exchanging thoughts on market intelligence and crafting a tailored plan for each member company.  OPES specializes in connecting entrepreneurs with both traditional and niche sources of funding to complement and balance their capital structures. This allows them to be more attractive to – yet less dependent on – private equity investors. EB-5 Funding, New Markets Tax Credits (NMTCs), Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTCs), technology grants and specialized funding sources for minority and women operated businesses are just a few of the ‘extras’ that OPES brings to the table to diversify an entrepreneur’s perspective on financing options for his or her business.

Why is The Opes Group so Unique?

Why is OPES so unique? Alexi had a storied career in insurance sales, agent development and client relations for over a decade. He learned that clients do not always want or need cookie-cutter solutions. His practice of truly getting to know and understand the needs of his insurance clients led to multiple awards recognizing excellence in that space and grounded him in the belief that clients in all areas and industry sectors can benefit from this same approach. In forming OPES, Alexi was determined to instill this belief through a service-oriented philosophy in which OPES, its member companies and its investor network are fully aligned on goals, values, investment horizons, and expected returns.

Alexi’s focus on building long-term, transparent, and beneficial client and investor relationships allow OPES to continually extend and enhance our expertise, enabling improved client service and financial results with each transaction. OPES’ most valuable offering to its clients is that the company positions itself as a true partner and resource, rather than only being available to clients for specified projects. Over time, clients increasingly become ‘members’ of the OPES family.

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